About Mary Montague

I am a poet and writer with an international publication record and two collections of poetry. My poems have been published in: Poetry Ireland Review; Cyphers; TickleAce (Newfoundland); Exile (Toronto); New Hibernia Review; THE SHOp; Crannog; West 47; The Stony Thursday Book; The Interpreter’s House; Belles Lettres (St. Petersburg); The Spark.

My work has also featured in a number of anthologies, and has been translated into French, Italian and Russian.

As a writer, I have always been captivated by the natural world. I am fascinated by evolution and its relationship to ecology, and how the interaction between these fields of study extend beyond science to the arts: how the environment shapes body and character.

Nature, culture and art connect in the poetry of the written word. Harsh northern territories and their fauna resonate with me. I lived for many years in the Sperrins where the bogland holds the memory of ancient forests but the tundral landscape illustrates our power to alter even the wildest of places. This region was refuge for some of the last Irish wolves, a particularly intriguing species: as symbol and metaphor the wolf is one of the most eloquent animals to inhabit the human psyche. My work, prose as well as poetry, has emerged in travels in North America, in addition to Irish material. I am also deeply interested in birds (I have a PhD in ornithology)  – fascinating subjects for artists and scientists alike.

I’m Belfast-based and work as a tutor and facilitator of poetry and creative writing. I’m a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and of the Irish Writers Centre, through which I offer One-to-One Mentoring for beginning and emerging poets.

Furthermore, I design and deliver courses on evolution and birds to adult learners (For more details of this work, see my sister site www.songbirdsignbird.com).


I’m currently working on my third collection of poetry, and on a novel.