Poetry collections: Tribe; and Black Wolf on a White Plain.


Tribe (Dedalus Press, Dublin, Ireland, 2008).


Reviews of Tribe

The Irish Times, 6 September 2008: ‘…Montague’s poetry enacts a happy marriage between the scientist’s carefully objective eye and the lyricist’s celebratory (sometimes elegiac) rapture…’

Sunday Tribune, 14 June 2009:
‘…These are densely-packed poems with a striking degree of concentration, and an almost scientific urge to catalogue images and sensations. She’s a nature poet with the kind of vivid intensity that would have made Wordsworth quake in his boots. This is a rewarding collection jam-packed with memorable images, and infused with a strong sense of our moral responsibility towards nature.’



Tribe has been translated into Italian (Kolibris Press, Ferrrara, Italy, 2014), and selected poems have been translated into Russian (Belles Lettres (27), 2016) and French (Quatre poètes irlandais, Dedalus Press, Dublin, Ireland, 2011).








Black Wolf on a White Plain (Summer Palace Press, Kilcar, Donegal, Ireland, 2001).


Review of Black Wolf on a White Plain:

Poetry Ireland Review, 76, 2003:
‘The sensitivity of this poet is evident not only in the nature poems, but also in the more questioning, introspective poems … and in the very successful and affecting poems which deal with human subjects…’



Tribe and Black Wolf on a White Plain are stocked by No Alibis Bookstore, Belfast, and in Books Upstairs, Dublin.